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The structure and working principle of hydraulic coupling?

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Structure and working principle of hydraulic safety coupling

Figure 11.4.1 shows the combined structure of the hydraulic safety coupling and the drum-shaped gear coupling. The coupling sleeve 1 is a sealed double-layer sleeve whose inner and outer diameters are respectively connected to the drive shaft and the inner hole of the hub. The pressure oil is injected into the coupling sleeve through the oil injection port through a manual high-pressure oil pump, and then the safety tube 2 mounted on the coupling sleeve is tightened to seal the high-pressure oil 3 in the coupling sleeve. Under the effect of oil pressure, the inner and outer diameters of the coupling sleeve are locked with the drive shaft and the hub, respectively, and the torque that is proportional to the oil pressure in the cavity can be transmitted by friction force during operation. The size of the oil pressure in the cavity can be controlled by a manual high-pressure oil pump during installation. After the oil pressure is given, the limit value of the torque that can be transmitted (called sliding torque) is the fixed value. During the working process, when the working torque is greater than the sliding torque, relative slippage occurs between the coupling sleeve and the transmission shaft, the top of the safety tube is cut off by the shear ring 4 connected to the shaft, and the pressure oil in the coupling sleeve cavity Quickly discharge, the oil pressure disappears, relative slippage occurs between the coupling sleeve and the shaft, and the torque transmission is interrupted to play a safety protection function. After replacing the safety tube and refilling the pressure oil, it can work again.

The safety element is not affected by fatigue factors when the hydraulic safety coupling is working, and the transmission torque is set to be stable; when overload

Short disengagement time (about 20ms), the protection performance is safe and reliable; by adjusting the injection oil pressure, the accurate overload protection torque value can be set; the replacement of the safety tube is convenient, and the auxiliary working hours are shortened; the structure is compact and the quality is small, which is convenient for other The transmission parts are used in combination.

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